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my laptop broke in april.

so today, mother & i finally took it to be looked at, & they said it was so old, they wouldn't bother fixing it.

so mother actually went with me afterward & we bought a new one.

it's very space-age.

i want to name it river tam.

(you see, i discovered firefly & serenity . . . o, why did i not see it sooner?!)

but i'm here with a purpose!

my second & truly sticking incarnation of zine-ification, my perzine riverdresses has just been created & i've actually got thirty copies needing assembling next to my chair here.

so, if you're interested in buying or trading with me for a copy, please let me know here. if you want to buy a copy, it's a dollar & if you could please send me your address at absinthe.ophelia@gmail.com, i'd truly appreciate it!

& make sure to mention your lj name in your e-mail! just so i know who's interested.

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.some of us are looking up at the stars.

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while standing out on the street, waiting for the bus, i saw three girls from my ex arts school come out of the theatre behind me. they didn't see me, but when i saw them, i freaked out. my heart started beating really quickly & i stuffed myself as deep as i could into the interior of the bus stop. even after i knew they were gone, i kept looking up & down the street to make sure they had really gone.

i could feel the screams inside of me, but there was nothing i could do for them.

god, little girls make me sick.
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.some of us are looking up at the stars.

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