.in starlight nights she saw you.

seaside space oddity
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these days riverdresses sees more action than seasidestarlet, but the latter is probably better to get to know.

but other than that, what do you want to know? my name is elizabeth, i never take my headphones off & i read too many comic books sometimes. i also eat too much chocolate on thursdays & stay up too late talking to my friends. i sometimes name my clothes.

Born in a time before time, she finally deigned to enter into the passages of human rememberance in the year 1799. Since then she has been the muse of many a bohemian, often lurking in the shadows of their thoughts as they painted their next masterpiece on a canvas of dreams. Known by many names but none of them real, she may only be summoned by those who think in rainbows and dance in stardust. But even she is susceptible to her own delight in watching others. She stood behind The Ripper, lightly scratching him on the back of his neck with her nails as he drew figures in the dripping blood around him. She is the figure that you see when you are half asleep and the darkness that ebbs away at your soul as you slit. She is made of dreams and chaos and can only be destroyed through waking from reality.

- the lady anne

1799 & 1888, absinthe, all things cherry print, astrid magnussen, b & w photography, barefoot on city streets, being a girl, can't.take.the.sky.from.me, carbon.made.only.wants.to.be.unmade, carry on(my wayward sons&daughters), courtney love, dancing in the rain, don't.mean.nothin.out.here.in.the.black, dreaming.as.a.form.of.breathing, firefly, girl.you'll.be.a.woman.soon, girlishness, handwritten letters, hole, home.is.the.open.road, ichabod crane, impossibilites, jack the ripper, kitty pryde, lethal orange fingernails, lolita, lostlittlegirl soul sisters, love, lust, memories through music, mermaids, morpheus, my marvel girl sunglasses&skirt, my.reality.is.not.your.reality, named & inspired fashion, neil gaiman, obsessions, oh dib!, orpheus & ophelia fascinations, paper diaries, paranormal studies & investigations, percy bysshe shelley, quentin tarantino, river tam=goddess, sam winchester, sammy's etherealism, sarah shahi, sea-girl secrets, secretly hating myspace, she.is.hell.down.through.the.trees, sometimesihavenightmares&sometimestheycometrue, steel under gossamer, sylvia plath, the legend of 1900, the sandman, the three elizabeth pantheon, the virgin suicides, the.light.in.the.dark, tori amos, tossing glitter, undersea lights, vintage horror movies, white oleander, written-on converse